Puntas normales para Intuos4

Puntas normales para Intuos4

de: Wacom

Nº de pedido: ACK-20001


Actualmente no disponible

4,90 € *
16 Valoraciones

Puntas normales para Intuos4

Nº de pedido: ACK-20001


Actualmente no disponible

4,90 € *

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Este artículo actualmente no está disponible!
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Puntas normales para Intuos4

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De: Tania
10.02.2014 15:31

Highly disappointed

Wears out way too fast, moreover it makes like an eternity that the online store says that this product is "Currently unavailable" (at least in my country) and I'm kind of forced to buy the more expensive version of it, otherwise I can't keep working.

I feel I have been scammed although I recognize the quality of the Intuos tablet, but it is neither ecological nor honest that these nibs wears out so quickly. I had an old wacom tablet, not even that expensive, and the nib lasted for 5 years! Here it lasted only one week!

You really need to improve on this product!

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