Pen Accessory Kit

Pen Accessory Kit

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Tune your Grip Pen with the Pen Customisation Kit: The kit contains a rubber grip without the holes for the side switch (in case the side switch bothers you), a spare side switch and replacement nibs for standard, Stroke pen and Felt pen nibs.

For your convenience, a specially designed tweezers for removing the nibs is also included.


Package contents
  • 1 rubber sleeve for Grip Pen (without the holes for side switch)
  • 5 Stroke pen nibs
  • 5 standard pen nibs
  • 5 Felt pen nibs
  • Nib replacement tool
  • Spare side switch

Pen Accessory Kit

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De: Robert Hughes
13.11.2009 11:55


I have been using my new Intuos 4 (Large) tablet for two months now and already the nib that came with the pen is very badly worn down (I am a digital artist). My previous tablet, the original Intuos (grey version) I had for ten years and it still works perfectly (I am passing it on to my Grandson) I only changed the nibs once in that time,. They were made from a hard wearing material like nylon or something similar and performed flawlessly.

Wacom is a world class product (in my opinion) so why are they now using inferior products. Is it a ploy to get more money out of it's "Loyal" customers? or is it an unfortunate mistake in it's "Quality Assurance" department.

I would still highly recommend Wacom graphics tablets (and do regularly) to anyone, but the nibs in the Intuos 4 (the most important items in this product) certainly need to be looked at and a better material used. Sorry Wacom…it's a BIG let down I'm afraid


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